Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Coventry Yellow Experiment

Comment made on http://www.fire-engine-photos.com/picture/number40166 with some background on the Coventry colour experiment.

The experiment with Coventry commenced during 1966 and concluded on the 1st April 1974. The West Midlands fire service then commenced using a videnfeld livery (dayglow) orange Coventry was merged into the West Midlands you may be surprised to learn the Coventry appliance were downgraded on specification as they were considered to far advanced for the day and this would mean upgrading the new West Midlands deliveries to compete with the Coventry appliances. Not all of Coventrys original appliances made it to yellow, even in 1974 some were still red livery. Also l will mention that the brigade did experimentation with the use of orange flashing lights as these proved higher visibility than their blue counterparts this however was aborted on legal grounds the following brigades followed Coventry with the yellow liveries. West Sussex Fire Brigade, Wallasey, York, Rotherham, Exeter (isolated vehicles), West Riding (only trailed), Tynemouth (isolated vehicle), Sheffield (isolated vehicle) Northampton also adopted yellow but this was a golden yellow (used by GPO of the day) The Brigades of St Helens West Riding and in later years the Isle of Wight adopted brilliant white with the borough of Rochdale having white fronts on their appliances,

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coventy Yellow Synopsis

I found these screen shots from a couple of years ago lurking deep in a folder; time to post them (apologies to any copyright holders: the originating web page are not identifiable.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014